TOM Abell undertook his first duty as Somerset captain when he headed off with the rest of the squad for their pre-season training camp at Desert Springs in Spain on Monday, writes Richard Walsh.

“I am really looking forward to getting away for 10 days to Desert Springs, where we have been for the last couple of years,” the new captain said.

“Everyone has just come back from their travels so this time together is invaluable.

“This is a very exciting time of year, when all the preparations really start to ramp up.”

“It’s a slightly different dynamic from what I have been used to, but I have been speaking to numerous people and read a few things about captaincy and leadership.

“However, the big thing for me is that I am going to be strong, be myself and stand up for what I believe in, so it’s important for me not to change the way I am to fit the role of captain.

The new captain will be assisted in his first few months by having last year’s skipper Chris Rogers in the support team at Somerset.

“To have Chris Rogers back with us is brilliant,” Abell said.

“It was clear to see what he brought to the team last year, and he will help that transition for me going into the captaincy role.

“He found something that worked last year and hopefully we will be able to carry that on this season.”