IN the Milford and Dormor league at Chard the two teams currently at the top of the table played each other.

Harlequins managed to cling on to top spot by shot difference despite losing the match.

But Royals have two games in hand over so can win the league if they win all their remaining matches.

This was another game where the lead changed hands more than once and was close throughout.

Harlequins pulled two shots back on the penultimate end, which meant they had to get two shots to draw or three to win.

Royals took the end by one shot so winning the match by three.

Greyhounds were playing Hurricanes and it just wasn’t their day.

Hurricanes went into the lead from the first end and made it very difficult for Greyhounds who couldn’t pull back the deficit.

The final score was Hurricanes 16, Greyhounds 7.

The last game saw Canaries take on Magpies. Canaries had a much better week but still just lost.

Magpies were trailing 2-5 but then got a hotshot which put them in the lead.

Canaries fought back and with two ends to go were back in the lead again. Unfortunately for them they just couldn’t hold on to it and lost 16-14.