THE Chard Flyer 10k race held on New Year’s Day was another great success with more than 100 competitors lining-up at the start at Henson Park.

The event, organised by the Chard Road Runners club, saw athletes from across the region take part in the race with many clubs represented including Yeovil Town Road Running Club, South West Road Runners, Crewkerne Running Club, Wells City Harriers, Mendip Athletics Club, Honiton Running Club, Axe Valley Runners, Taunton Athletics Club, Running Forever, and Langport Runners.

Leading the 112-strong field home in a time of 37mins and 59secs was Tim Hawkins of Yeovil Town Road Running Club – beating runner-up and team-mate Paul Rose by just two seconds. Third was Mike Feighan, of South West Road Runners, in 38mins and 59secs.

Thomas Priest was the first member of Crewkerne Running Club home in sixth position overall in 39mins and 59secs, while team-mate Clive Harwood was 12th in 42mins and 2secs.

The first member of the Chard Road Runners to reach the finish was Wayne Loveridge in a time of 43mins and 26secs.

First woman home was Alexandra Cutts, of South West Road Runners, in 14th spot overall in a time of 42mins and 34secs. Second woman was Amy Greenhalgh, of Axe Valley Runners, in 16th in 42mins and 59secs, while third female finisher was Tanya Lewis, of Running Forever, in 48mins and 29secs in 40th position overall.

Other Chard Road Runners to complete the course were Gary Male (32nd), Anna Podbery (48th), Andy Mear (65th), Julie Turner (75th), Gary Wheaton (80th), Hannah Dowling (85th), Sarah MacDonald (89th), Andy Shenhan (96th), Mel Boarder (102nd), and Vicky Musselwhite (108th).

Many of the Chard club members were out on the course acting as marshals or helping with the time-keeping operation at the finish at Chard Cricket Club.

Category winners were as follows: Male 40-plus – 1 Tim Hawkins, 2 Paul Rose, 3 Mike Feighan. Senior Male – 1 Bryn Philips, 2 Thomas Priest, 3 John Huntington. Male 50-plus – 1 Robert Burn, 2 Ian Humphreys, 3 Nick Brooke. Male 60-plus – 1 Clive Harwood, 2 Robin Britton, 3 Peter Jakeman. Senior Female – 1 Alexandra Cutts, 2 Amy Greenhalgh, 3 Claire Chedzoy. Female 35-plus – 1 Tanya Lewis, 2 Hazel Hyde, 3 Anneli Collins. Female 45-plus – 1 Sharron Kington, 2 Donna Elliott, 3 Helen Davy. Female 55-plus – 1 Lesley Nesbitt, 2 Flora Brooke, 3 Ann Hutchinson. Female 65-plus – 1 Sue Nicholls.

Full results for the Chard Flyer 10k 2013: 1 Tim Hawkins, Yeovil Town RRC, 37mins 59secs; 2 Paul Rose, Yeovil Town RRC, 38mins 1secs; 3 Mike Feighan, South West Road Runners, 38mins 59secs; 4 Bryn Phillips, Yeovil Town RRC, 39mins 48secs; 5 Robert Burn 39mins 55secs; 6 Thomas Priest, Crewkerne Running Club, 39mins 59secs; 7 John Huntington 40mins 39secs; 8 Orlando Brooke, Yeovil Town RRC, 40mins 44secs; 9 Paul Allen, Wells City Harriers, 41mins 43secs.

10: Ben Millar, Mendip AC, 41mins 57secs; 11 Graham Reeves, Honiton RC, 42mins 1secs; 12 Clive Harwood, Crewkerne Running Club, 42mins 2secs; 13 Ian Humphreys, Mendip AC, 42mins 17secs; 14 Alexandra Cutts, South West Road Runners, 42mins 34secs; 15 John Sutcliffe, Bridport Runners, 42mins 48secs; 16 Amy Greenhalgh, Axe Valley Runners, 42mins 59secs; 17 Nick Brooke, Yeovil Town RRC, 43mins 4secs; 18 Keith Paul, Taunton AC, 43mins 12secs; 19 Wayne Loveridge, Chard Road Runners, 43mins 26secs.

20 John Yells, University of Edinburgh, 43mins 38secs; 21 Luke Brunt, Crewkerne Running Club, 43mins 46secs; 22 Richard Boulter, Yeovil Town RRC, 43mins 48secs; 23 Martin Croad, Axe Valley Runners, 44mins 5secs; 24 Robbie Hawkins, Yeovil Town RRC, 44mins 8secs; 25 Tim Sibley, Axe Valley Runners, 44mins 18secs; 26 Crispan MacPherson, Yeovil Town RRC, 44mins 19 secs; 27 David Carnell, Crewkerne Running Club, 44mins 29secs; 28 Matt Driver, Yeovil Town RRC, 44mins 37secs; 29 David Sutcliffe 45mins 16secs.

30 Robin Britton, Axe Valley Runners, 45mins 41secs; 31 Stuart Anderson, Burnham-on-Sea Harriers, 45mins 32secs; 32 Gary Male, Chard Road Runners, 46mins 28secs; 33 Stewart Baker 46misn 39secs; 34 Peter Jakeman, Yeovil Town RRC, 46mins 47secs; 35 Paul Johns, Axe Valley Runners, 46mins 52secs; 36 Mark Taylor 46mins 57secs; 37 Jon Crane, Yeovil Town RRC, 46mins 59secs; 38 Darren Atyeo, Yeovil Town RRC, 47mins 25secs; 39 James Goffe, Black Combe Runners, 47mins 34secs.

40 Tanya Lewis, Running Forever, 48mins 29secs; 41 Colin Williams, Wells City Harriers, 48mins 33secs; 42 Paul Bonner, White City Road Runenrs, 48mins 47secs; 43 Hazel Hole, Minehead RC, 48mins 59secs; 44 Jonathon Body 49mins 1secs; 45 Dave Berry, Minehead RC, 49mins 35secs; 46 Claire Chedzoy, Langport Runners, 50mins 7secs; 47 Sue Nicholls, Burnham-on-Sea Harriers, 50mins 22secs; 48 Anna Podbery, Chard Road Runners, 50mins 24secs; 49 Glenn Warren, Framlingham Flyers, 50mins 30secs.

50 John Burgess, Honiton RC, 50mins 54secs; 51 Matthew Brunt 51mins 17secs; 52 Paul Clowes 51mins 29secs; 53 Michael Newcombe, Torrington AAC, 51mins 37secs; 54 Anneli Collins, Yeovil Town RRC, 52mins 24secs; 55 Richard Speke 52mins 32secs; 56 Greg Ponting 52mins 33secs; 57 James Appleton 52mins 51secs; 58 Stu Tilley 53mins 12 secs; 59 Sophie Brooke, Yeovil Town RRC, 53mins 15secs.

60 Emma Pearcy, SWRR, 53mins 24secs; 61 Simon Rowbottom, Yeovil Town RRC, 53mins 31secs; 62 Daniel Hawkins, Yeovil Town RRC, 53mins 37secs; 63 Matthew Teff 53mins 40secs; 64 Lesley Besbitt, Yeovil Town RRC, 53mins 44secs; 65 Andy Mear, Chard Road Runners, 53mins 47secs; 66 Sharron Kington, Taunton AC, 54mins 6secs; 67 Trefor Morgan, Tiverton Harriers, 54mins 20secs; 68 Donna Elliott, Maiden Newton RC, 54mins 25secs; 69 Helen Davy, Honiton RC, 54mins 29secs.

70 Nicky Barry 54mins 29secs; 71 Peter Pillinger, South West Road Runners, 55mins 22secs; 72 Steve Elliott, Maiden Newton RC, 55mins 32secs; 73 Colin Falla, Quantock Harriers, 56mins 47secs; 74 Andrew Jackson 56mins 54secs; 75 Julie Turner, Chard Road Runners, 57mins 2secs; 76 Martin Hole, Minehead RC, 57mins 14secs; 77 Ruth Warren, Framlingham Flyers, 57mins 35secs; 78 Lyndon Waite 57mins 39secs; 79 Karen Allum, Total Buzz Events, 58mins 03secs.

80 Gary Wheaton, Chard Road Runners, 58mins 18secs; 81 Gary Mapletoft 58mins 29secs; 82 Peter Sutcliffe, Telford AC, 58mins 47secs; 83 Chris Reah 59mins 10secs; 84 Val Perigo, Running Forever, 59mins 24 secs; 85 Hannah Dowling, Chard Road Runners, 59mins 29secs; 86 Andrew Brown, Yeovil Town RRC, 59mins 38secs; 87 Trevor Godley, Minehead RC, 1hr 12secs; 88 Anita Rufus, Yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 17secs; 89 Sarah MacDonald, Chard Road Runners, 1hr 27secs.

90 Jason Woods, Quantock Harriers, 1hr 38secs; 91 Flora Brooke, Yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 57secs; 92 Michael Shead, Yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 2mins 29secs; 93 Richard Poole 1hr 2mins 29secs; 94 Jerry Hawkins, Yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 2mins 47secs; 95 Ann Hutchinson, Minehead RC, 1hr 3mins 23secs; 96 Andy Shenhan, Chard Road Runners, 1hr 4mins 24secs; 97 David Pearce 1hr 4mins 25secs; 98 Jenny Byrom, Langport Runners, 1hr 8mins 6secs; 99 Paul McSparron 1hr 8mins 6secs.

100 Alan Townsend 1hr 9mins 32secs; 101 Michael Sharpe, Running Forever, 1hr 9mins 34secs; 102 Mel Boarder, Chard Road Runners, 1hr 10mins 9secs; 103 Joanne Page, Yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 11mins 2secs; 104 Adam Hawkins, Yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 16mins 26secs; 105 Rolf Hawkins, Yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 11mins 37secs; 106 Hannah Northam 1hr 12mins 21secs; 107 Rebecca Margetts, yeovil Town RRC, 1hr 12mins 58secs; 108 Vicky Musselwhite, Chard Road Runners, 1hr 13mins 41secs; 109 Anton Bradburn, Langport Runners, 1hr 14mins 52 secs; 110 Amanda Hunter, Langport Runners, 1hr 14mins 53secs; 111 Dave Osborne 1hr 17mins 11secs; 112 Harry Moore, Axe Valley Runners, 1hr 54mins 14secs.