On a cold, but clear day on Monday, Windwhistle Seniors joined forces with the Ladies Section in the annual Christmas Cracker competition.

A total of 24 Seniors combined with 12 Ladies to form 12 teams of three in a Bowmaker event played over 14 holes. With pride at stake, some keen competition evolved.

The team led by Carol Burrow started well, and with a strong finish returned a very repectable 59 points. This was equalled by Ellie Langford’s team later in the day, and by virtue of a better back five, were leaders in the clubhouse.

This seemed to be enough to win the coveted silver platter, until the final trio returned a score of 60 to claim victory. Led by Siri Anderson, the victorious trio hailed the performance by team member Geoff Dean.

Results: 1 Siri Anderson; Geoff Dean & Richard Forster 60 pts; 2 Ellie Langford; Mike Burt & Alan Davis 59 pts; 3 Carol Burrow; Bob Barrow & Barry Singleton 59 points.

After the competition, there followed a buffet lunch and a raffle when captain Alan Chance thanked all participants and announced that £150 had been raised for charity. The money be shared between the Seniors’ Captain’s charity and that of the Ladies’ Captain.

On Wednesday, the inclement weather persisted, but 15 Seniors entered a three man Bowmaker variation. In the wet conditions, the scoring was poor, but Phil Hunt's team managed to secure a victory by five clear points.

Result: 1 Phil Hunt; Colin Ireland & Nick George 69 pts; 2 Mike Hone; Alan Davis & Noddy Hodder 64 pts.