CHILDREN had a special spooky surprise at Neroche Primary School when they received a delivery of a giant pumpkin.

The humongous fruit was delivered to the school during a special children’s school council assembly, and wowed the children and an audience of 300 parents.

The Giant Pumpkin, owned and grown by Mrs Lloyd, one of the school’s teaching assistants, weighed in at an impressive 50lbs.

Pupils then began a surprise auction, to raise funds for the School Council Good Causes Fund. In a tense auction, the pumpkin was finally sold for £60, with the funds donated to the children’s school council.

School councillor Finley, from year six, said: “I can’t believe it, we got £60 for a pumpkin.”

Cameron and Fraser were so pleased their mum had made the winning bid. Both boys look very pleased with their mother’s bidding skills.

Neroche Primary head teacher Connel Boyle said “Our school council has its own bank account, raises funds for charities, buys equipment for playtimes and organises a number of money-making activities throughout the year.

“A pumpkin auction was one of the most original ideas for many years.”