JUST like Madonna, Bono, and Kylie, his glittering profile means he's known by his first name alone.

The world's funniest Cornishman, Jethro, is celebrating his 40th year of comedy with a fresh stand-up tour, 'The Legend At Large'.

He comes to Taunton, Weston and Yeovil this spring with his usual blend of story-telling, classic cracks, and adult banter.

Here, Jethro shares some legends of his own with DAISY BLACKLOCK...

COMEDY legend:

"Ronnie Barker was so versatile, he just wrote nonsense. He was just funny. I only allow one genius at a time in the country, and Ronnie was the genius.

"I handed the mantle over to Billy Connolly when he [Ronnie] died. You can't have too many geniuses. But I loved Les Dawson and Norman Collier too."

MUSIC legend:

"Elvis Presley had the looks, the charm, the voice. He could sing the blues; he could sing rock and gospel. The man could sing anything. I don't think we've had anything like him ever that was as good. 

"Crying in the Chapel is beautiful, and You Were Always On My Mind." (Starts singing.)

FOOD legend:

"I've had to change over the years. When I was a young man it was Cornish pasties. 

"Now, I'm a big fan of stew. I'm a very, very plain eater. I don't eat Chinese or Indian, and I don't eat fish.

"No mayonnaise or anything like that, although I do like salad cream."

LEGENDARY part of the UK:

"The West Country! I also love the Lake District. West Cornwall, probably, because I was brought up there -- it's home isn't it. And Exmoor and Dartmoor."

Legend from HISTORY:

"Churchill was a great man wasn't he. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was before his time; an absolutely brilliant man. 

"Lincoln was a great man to free the slaves. He would've been in my Top Five for doing that."

Most legendary WOMAN:

"The greatest female singer is Barbara Streisand. If I could see anyone in the world, it'd be her.

"She's a great actress for a singer, as was Whitney Houston -- she was brilliant in The Bodyguard."

PERSONAL legend:

"My brother, he had the talent really. He's two years older than me, and a publican. 

"As kids we played together, and he's made me laugh all my life. 

"When I started off doing the clubs I was only a carbon copy of him really. He was the one who set the fire going in me for sure."

  • JETHRO'S Legend At Large tour is at Taunton's Wellsprings Leisure Centre on Friday March 14, Weston's Playhouse on Thursday April 3, and Yeovil's Octagon Theatre on Friday April 25. Book tickets at www.jethro.co.uk