THE Christmas decorations have come down, we’re all back at work and now it’s time to think about...splitting up.

Apparently spending more time together over the festive season puts so much pressure on relationships that January is the busiest month for divorces, according to a Rumwell-based solicitor.

Jayne Turner (pictured), head of family law at AmicusLaw, said: “Couples who are experiencing difficulties often hold back on taking any formal action to end their relationship until after Christmas as they wish to portray to their loved ones that all is well during the season of peace and joy.

“However, Christmas can put added strain on a deteriorating relationship, with couples spending prolonged periods of time together and juggling the requirements of their respective families, not to mention the inevitable expense that occurs.

“There is a common phrase ‘New Year, New Start’ but sadly, for some, this extends to a major life change such as ending their relationship.

“January is generally the busiest time of the year for family lawyers with an increase in the number of new divorce-related enquiries.”

Although the divorce rate is falling, 40% of marriages still break down, which can be “one of the most stressful and traumatic events in a person’s life”.

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