MANY families have been forced out of their homes due to the extreme weather conditions.

Pamela Stach is one of dozens who’s hoping she doesn’t have to spend this Christmas in a hotel.

The 54-year-old, of Wrantage, could only watch as floodwater gushed into her cottage, ruining everything in its path.

Pamela, who lives with husband Simon, said: “At the moment we’re in a hotel because we can’t live in the house. There’s a lot of stuff that still needs to be sorted out.

“We’ve been looking at houses this week because we’ll not be able to go back to ours for about six weeks.

“The whole downstairs is gutted. Literally everything has been ruined.

“We had about two feet of water throughout – we need to assess the damage to the stuff and what we need to claim for.”

Pamela woke early to discover rain had drenched her house. Damp marker lines that remain on the walls show how high the water had risen.

Her home fell victim again the following night.

She added: “I opened my bedroom door and could hear water gushing around. I could see a glimmer and that’s when I screeched to my husband to get him up.

“The cat was stranded in the kitchen and within an hour the water was above my knees.

“We were flooded in 2000 like a lot of others were but it was nothing like this. Last week was worse than then – we were flooded twice in two days.”

If you’re concerned about flooding call Floodline on 0845-9881188.