A STUDENT from Combe St Nicholas is hoping to capture the best of what Somerset has to offer by making her vision for a short film a reality.

Tanya Cook is directing The Crow Scarer as part of her degree at the University of York.

Production is well under way and Tanya is looking for more people to support the project, which centres on her home county.

She said: “I pitched this film in the hope that I could show the beauty of Somerset and what a charming part of the country it is.

“This dream has become a reality and now I am using the project to also advertise businesses, so I am looking for any businesses to get involved.

“I really want to show everyone what Somerset is made of.”

The film is a quintessentially British tale about Charlie, a well-respected hero from a small village in Somerset, who has been the crow scarer since anyone can remember.

Scaring crows is all he has ever known but one day he is the victim of Government cuts and made redundant to be replaced with scarecrows, so it is up to childhood sweetheart Lilly to get distraught Charlie’s life back on track.

Charlie spends the film trying out different jobs, one of which is at a cider farm, and shows life is not all bad.

Tanya said: “Once completed, we will be showing the film in festivals in the north, south and hopefully in Europe.

“I hope this will get great coverage across the country and maybe even the continent. However, we are not able to do this on a very low budget so we are looking for businesses to get involved as we shed the beauty of light on Somerset.

“Hopefully it will encourage people to visit the real areas of the county.”

To learn more about The Crow Scarer, or to support the project, see this story at chardandilminsternews.co.uk