DRIVERS are being asked to ‘Look Out for Bikes’ in a road safety initiative aimed at reducing the number of bikers being killed and injured on Somerset roads.

During the next couple of months as the weather gets warmer, more and more cyclists and motorcyclists will be taking to the roads.

The Somerset Road Safety Partnership is asking drivers to double check for bikers when pulling out from a junction or turning.

The campaign has been sparked by statistics showing that during the past three years more than 1,000 motorcyclists and cyclists have been injured on roads around the county.

Road safety officer Jim Newman said: “Many crashes occur because drivers fail to spot the cyclist or motorcyclist.”

The partnership has launched a poster campaign to remind drivers to ‘Look Out for Bikes’ on increasingly busy roads.

Riders are also being advised to wear the correct helmet and bright protective clothing so they can be clearly seen by other road users.

*For further information about the poster campaign and the other partnership casualty reduction programmes, click on the Road Safety Somerset related link on this story.