A ROAD once labelled “the worst in Somerset” has returned to a state of ruin and disrepair, leaving cars in constant danger of damage, according to residents.

Whitelackington Road, which runs from Stocklinch to Whitelackington and is a route off the A303, came under fire from residents two years ago after large potholes developed and the road frequently flooded.

In 2016, after residents appeared in the News calling the route ‘inpassable’, it was resurfaced.

But, two years later, the road has again deteriorated, leading Stocklinch Parish Council to write a letter to Somerset County Council and submit a 200-strong petition.

Fiona Day, chairman of Stocklinch council, said: “For the past four years, Stocklinch Parish Council and local parishioners have been reporting with regard to the appalling state of the road.

“It frequently floods to a considerable depth and over a distance of about 100 metres it regularly develops very deep potholes well in excess of 40mm.

“Attempts to repair the road rarely last more than a matter of weeks.

“Over this winter, the road has become seriously hazardous and a danger to all road users and particularly cyclists.

“Cars have been also been damaged due to the potholes.”

Chard & Ilminster News:

Temporary fixes have been carried out by the council, but a sustainable solution is yet to be found.

Mrs Day added: “While we accept that potholes are occasionally repaired, the quality of the engineering is poor and the surface is rapidly eroded again.

“The underlying causes of the road damage, apart from those referred to above, is associated with water and drainage.

“The road is below the level of the fields, springs from Atherstone constantly run down the road and drains become blocked.

“Clearly, the road needs a more permanent and sustainable solution.”

A county council spokesman confirmed that works were planned for August.

They added: “Following concerns raised by the local community regarding the current state of Whitelackington Road we have taken the decision to move planned resurfacing works forward to May 14 and 15.

“These will incorporate a full resurfacing as well as additional improvements to ensure that the existing surface water problem is resolved.

“A new highway drainage system was installed last year and our resurfacing scheme will better direct surface water into this.”