A SIMPLE free game which starts with a single click of a button to make a paper clip is slowly taking over people's lives.

The clicker game, simply titled 'Paperclips', sees you starting as an AI robot making and selling paperclips.

It is very simple. You make paperclips, people buy them, you make more.

However, after you have been sucked into running the game for hours your power grows to solving world peace, gaining full autonomy, and eventually exploring space.

The game was designed by Frank Lantz and released on October 9.

After two days, there were so many people running the game that it crashed, although addicts will be pleased to know it was soon back up and running and games have not been lost.

While it sounds like a very basic concept, it gets more complex as it gets more addictive.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Along the way you'll complete other strange projects such as curing male pattern baldness, global warming and purchasing HypnoDrones.

To try your hand at intergalatic domination through the medium of paperclips, visit www.decisionproblem.com/paperclips.

Warning: This game will take up hours of your life.