A PERSONAL trainer from Chard is set leading an 18 mile military march after being inspired by the recovery of a car crash victim.

Liz Wallis works at 1610 in Chard where she met William Mieville-Hawkins, a 26-year-old teacher from Ilminster who suffered a brain injury after a car crash on A303 last year.

William had lost the ability to walk and use one of his arms following the crash and Liz has been helping him to rebuild his strength.

She said: “I work at 1610 but this is something I decided to do myself.

“I first met William after we started working together in the gym. He is just such an inspiring young man who has been through an awful life-changing situation.

“I decide to go out on a military tab to raise some money for this incredibly worthy cause.

“I admire this young man so much for the way he has dealt with everything he has been through.”

The military tab - a fast march where participants have to carry a set weight in a rucksack - will take place on April 30.

Liz said: “The tab will be 18 miles and we are doing it with the army so a couple of army chaps will be leading us.

“Although it is fun and a fundraiser, we want to keep it authentic. We will all be carrying large rucksacks, so the men will carry 44 pounds and the women will be carrying 20 pounds.

“We are going to be covering some of the challenging Somerset hills and it will be a cross country run like an actual military tab.

“The army men will be giving it authenticity, so they will be using army slang.

“We have some people on support bikes on the roads and support vehicles going to drinking stations.”

Following his inspirational recovery, William is set to cross the finish line with the group as he completes the final half a mile.

Liz added: “There will be 20 of us. We are going to be setting off at 9am from Washington Terrace, Chard, and finishing at The Cotley Inn.

“People taking part do need to have a general all round fitness level. The people I am going with train and swim and run. It will be great to have a team run with a bit of comradery. I think we are going to raise about £200 as everybody is going to be donating £10.”

Will, who was in the News after a stranger ran Taunton marathon for him, said: “How incredible. I’m a magnet for kindness.”

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