ADVENTUROUS students from Wadham School joined in a celebration of achievement at the South Somerset Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation Evening.

In total, 32 pupils from the school took part in the celebrations, which were held on Tuesday at the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil.

Mr Farmer, the lead teacher for the DofE Award Scheme at Wadham, said: “I am delighted with the growth of the award at Wadham from just a couple of students a few years ago to 10 last year and now 32 engaged in the programme.

"The scheme is great for confidence building and challenging the students. It’s also a great way for them to become involved in the local community. I am enormously proud of our students achievements.”

There are four elements to students attaining their Bronze award: volunteering, sport, learning a skill and the expedition.

Mr Farmer added: “Students have helped with charities, at care homes and at a museum, learnt skills from bell ringing to lifeguarding and taken part in a 15km trek and camping expedition in West Dorset.

"It’s been a fantastic experience for them and I see the scheme continuing to grow at Wadham.”

Honey Goddard said she loved taking part in the scheme.

Her favourite element was the volunteering where she helped with the Rainbows group to involve youngsters in cake making, singing and painting activities.

She has been so inspired with the challenge of the DofE Award that she’s already setting her sights on attaining the gold award.

This summer she plans to join a school building project in South Africa with the company, Outpost to satisfy the expedition element of the award.

Raising her own funding will be one of the biggest challenges to overcome.

The awards were presented by James Ketchell who gave an awe inspiring account of his unique “ultimate triathlon” to raise thousands of pounds for charities close to his hear.

He was the first man to combine rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, climbing to the summit of Mount Everest and cycling 18,000 miles around the world.

He congratulated all participants for their drive and determination in achieving their awards.