A FORMER apprentice from Somerset County Council says that completing her qualification is her greatest achievement. 

Lucy Wilkins has been deaf her whole life, and at 21-years-old was diagnosed with usher syndrome, which eventually leads to blindness. 

She went off to university but decided the change in lifestyle wasn't for her, then spotted an advert for an apprenticeship in the paper. 

Miss Wilkins completed the foundation apprenticeship in six months then went on to the advanced apprenticeship which she completed in 10 months.

She said: “I always enjoyed learning, and I felt the apprenticeship was something I could do despite my failing eyesight; I could earn a wage and stop relying on other people.

"One of my greatest achievements was completing the foundation apprenticeship in six months then the advanced apprenticeship in nine months and afterwards securing a permanent position with the council.  

"I’ve been at Somerset Council for 10 years now and the awards I have won as part of my apprenticeship and afterwards have given me the belief that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, if you believe in yourself then you can achieve whatever you want to. ”