POLICE are urging people in Ilminster not to give thieves an easy ride.

Several vehicles have been broken into along Station Road, Home Farm Way and Railway Cuttings.

Thieves took items from four vehicles but no matches were found after fingerprints were taken.

In a report to Ilminster town councillors, PC Andy Stuart said: “Where possible park your car in a well-lit area and before leaving your vehicle lock all doors and close all windows, including the sunroof.

“Check you have not left anything on display – handbags, mobile phones and even an old coat on the back seat is a target for someone to smash a window and grab it.

“A lot of vehicle crime is the result of criminals seeing opportunities and taking them.

“If they can see it, they can steal it. If you can see, move it.”

PC Stuart also said in his report that numerous power tools had been taken after thieves broke into Bradford’s Building Supplies.

He said the suspects made off on New Road by crashing their way through the barriers and that the vehicle, which was found, is being forensically examined.

The town has also seen a spate of sexual offences over the past few months and PC Stuart said enquiries were ongoing.

Anyone who spots a crime in progress, about to happen or sees that offenders are still nearby should call 999.

To report a crime after the event, call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymloously on 0800 555 111.