A FLORAL designer from Cottage Flowers in Ilminster has proved she is a cut above the rest after being picked to work alongside some of the world’s best known designers.

The Society of Floristry Fund awarded Jacalyn Dobson a place to assist at the Flowers@Oxford event at Oxford University’s Lady Margaret’s Hall.

The three-day event, organised by the renowned Judith Blacklock, of the Judith Blacklock Flower School, Knightsbridge and Fleur Creatif, a leading international floral design magazine.

Over five days, she worked alongside some of the best floral designers from around the world and now plans to share some of her new-found techniques and ideas back in the shop with her colleagues and clients at Cottage Flowers.

Jacalyn worked alongside the likes of Gregor Lersch, Robert Koene, Bruno Duarte, Joseph Massie and in particular Solomen Leong of Hong Kong who was involved with the floral designs at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

She worked as lead assistant to Solomen Leong during the week to install an extravagant dining hall and balcony display with Orchids, Gerbera, Hydrangea and hundreds of Chrysanthemums which are celebrated and seen as exotic in China.

Solomen’s team in Hong Kong would regularly work on this scale for casinos and weddings which always boast about 400 guests. During the weekend she then helped prepare and assist on stage many different designers with their demonstrations.