ALTHOUGH Mayor of Chard I seem to have been around both our towns these last two weeks.

On Wednesday, August 13, I was invited to attend the Rural Youth Projects event at the Magdalene Project in Winsham. These young people were working towards a community awareness project within Chard and several local business people and myself went along for the day to talk to them about our journeys and what Chard meant to us. We then answered questions.

The young people were then to work on a project that would benefit Chard.

Garry Shortland, the Deputy Mayor, went out on Thursday night to talk over their ideas based on the problems identified at our talks.

In the evening of Thursday, August 14, Andy and I attended the Rotary Club’s “safari supper”, without our linen suits!

The evening started off at the new home of Horseshoes and Handprints in Stocklinch. We were given a demonstration of the therapies carried out with young people and the horses, and enjoyed our starters and a glass of micro-brewed beer at the farm.

All into the cars to eat the main course at a member’s home in Holditch – sat nav on overtime! – more than 50 people in the front room all eating an amazing meal.

Then back into the cars to Holditch village hall where all the members had made desserts and tea/coffee.

The Mayor’s waistline is expanding – just as well the robe is a fits-all size!

On Saturday, August 23, I visited Tatworth memorial hall to welcome villagers to the annual horticultural show with my mum.

My gran and uncle lived in Tatworth for many years and she was very keen on us entering in the handicrafts and children’s sections of these shows.

A great selection of entries, from runner beans to quilts, showed the talent of our area and traditions upheld.

Best in show was an amazing chest hand-made by a member. I just could not resist running my hands over the polished wood and admiring the work that had gone into this piece of furniture.

On Sunday, August 24, I and many other Mayors and chairmen were at Ilminster’s Party in the Park. Emma Jane treated us to high tea before we joined together to make a tug-of-war team, probably the oldest group of tuggers ever to grace the centre of Ilminster Rec!

Both ladies and gentlemen, with the youngest member probably in their 40s and the eldest maybe touching 70, we rose to the challenge, losing two-nil in our first pull against the “Young Lads” – the name says it all.

We came a respectable third overall – mainly because some teams were disqualified for sitting on the ground.