A 126-YEAR-OLD ornate clock with historical links to Chard has gone on sale after being re-built from 20 pieces in a painstaking restoration.

The clock was given to Reverend D. H. Stewart-King by the employers of the former Holyrood lace mill in Chard in 1888 and cost £180 to restore to its former glory.

It was given as a gift from Gilford, Fox and Co, presented to Reverend Stewart-King on January 21, 1888, as a token of appreciation of his services.

The reverend delivered a sermon to the mill workforce each morning.

Chard resident John Pomfret bought the clock when he came across it 12 years ago.

He said: “I saw this clock at auction and was fascinated by the inscription on the face.

“It was in about 20 different pieces but I paid £80 for it because of its history and significance to Chard.”

The clock is now on display at Area 51 Antiques in Chard, in Holyrood Street, and is for sale with an asking price of £500.

John said: “It’s a bit of history for people to go and see.

“I’ve already had some interest from some people in Yorkshire but I’m hoping that somebody from Chard will buy it.”

“I’m retired and selling it because you can’t take these things with you but I would like it to stay in Chard in the future.”

Area 51 antiques shop owners Neil and Patricia Ling are selling the clock on John’s behalf.

Neil said: “The reverend was brought in by the employers of the mill to deliver a sermon to the workforce each morning.

“The idea was to calm the workers during the famous lace riots caused by the industrial revolution.

“Men were being replaced by machinery in the mill at the time and this worried people.”