THE Warehouse Theatre’s Wardrobe has returned to strength after tackling a swarm of moths that had ruthlessly munched its way through 30 bags of costumes.

Wardrobe manager and volunteer, Kate White, told the News: “Moths go for pure, natural fibres, and unfortunately it was some of the more valuable clothes that were targeted.

“Strangely enough, they also seemed to like men’s dressing gowns from the ‘60s and ‘70s when they were made from pure wool.

“Some of the gowns we pulled out and realised they had turned to dust.”

Yet the team haven’t let the winged blighters stop them for too long, with moth-proofing now firmly in place, allowing them to carry on full-steam ahead with their costume-hiring service.

Kate added: “We’re always keen to raise funds in order to keep the theatre going, and the wardrobe is part of that effort.

“Thankfully people have been so generous over the last few years – so much so that you can’t move some of the rails at all, they’re so stuffed.

“We would love volunteers to join us in this exciting time for the wardrobe. We’re looking for anyone who has time to help for an hour or so to get in touch.

“Once we’re fully up and running, our long-term plan is hopefully to have weekly sewing meetings where we can make and repair costumes.”

Anyone interested in getting involved in the Warehouse’s wardrobe, can get in touch with Kate White by calling the theatre’s box office on 07943-779880.