THE owners of a shop in Chard say other businesses could boost their trade by embracing the future and allowing customers to ‘Pingit’, writes Tash Lovell.

‘Pingit’ is a system which allows customers to pay for a product via an app on their smartphone, meaning they do not have to worry about carrying money around with them.

Eleos coffee shop in Fore Street is already well established on social media sites Facebook and Twitter, and has been using the ‘Pingit’ service since May.

The owners say it has transformed the way they work.

Nat Thomson said: “It helps us reduce the chance of giving out the wrong change, it makes paying for products faster and it helps people keep a better track of their spending.

“The fact that ‘Pingit’ is free should mean it appeals to all businesses, such as mobile hairdressers, plumbers, market stall holders, shops and garages.

“This could easily replace the chip and pin method of payment if the uptake is big enough.”

‘Pingit’ allows people to pay for products costing as little as £1 and it takes around 30 seconds to process.

Barclays Bank launched the scheme, and its chief executive, Anthony Jenkins, has been reported as saying it could “revolutionise the way people send and receive money”.

Nat said: “The addition of a ‘business directory’ built into the app means a customer who uses ‘Pingit’ is more likely to purchase from you than your competitor.

“There’s no reason not to use ‘Pingit’, and before you panic about safety just remember the worry all other payment methods caused when they were first launched so many years ago.

“Embrace the future.”