TALENTED youngsters at Swanmead School in Ilminster were recognised for their achievements at their annual awards evening on Thursday.

In his speech, head teacher Mark Walker said: “I want to pay the biggest possible tribute to their [the teachers’] professionalism and focus, their support towards each other, their sense of humour and most importantly their dedication towards your children.

“I want the young people of this school to believe they can be the next brain surgeons, vets, astronauts, leaders of the Navy, the RAF, TV presenters.

“There is a big world out there, nowadays more than ever, and a vast amount of opportunities for young people.

“I want the young people from our small towns and villages to really ‘dream big’ and want to be the greatest they can be.”

Special awards went to Kyra O’Regan, who was presented the Warehouse Theatre Cup for her work with talent shows and the performance of What a Knight.

Hannah Applegate won The Alison Rose Trophy for her services to art at the school, named after Alison Rose who has taught art there for 30 years.

Jack Read won the Spurway Cup for his unrivalled dedication and talent in school sport.

Daisy Read scooped the Ilminster Lion’s Trophy for Endeavour – awarded to the pupil who has made the most of their educational opportunities in challenging and difficult circumstances.

The Ilminster Rotary Award went to Courtney Pas for her involvement in school productions, fundraising and her ‘infectious’ attitude to school life and its community.

Katie Lenihan was awarded the David Laws Community Award for her inspiring leader skills and being a very popular, genuine person.

Iona Davis picked up the head teacher’s accolade and was described as ‘a fabulous young person’ and ‘the ultimate role model’.

Grace Dean was given the most respected award, the John Wilson Memorial Shield, for being the ‘ultimate pupil’ and quietly modest, incredibly gifted and elegantly unflappable.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Claire Jones (Senior Teacher) Award

Winners Class Prizes - Three prizes for each Year 5 class - Achievement, Progress and Effort.

Miss Kirk's Class 5C, Achievement - Freddy Luffman, Progress - Fleur Dale, Effort - Rhianna Gater; Mrs Perkins' 5R, Achievement - Lauren Paul, Progress - Isabelle Applegate, Effort - Crystal Broadway; Miss Packer's 5K, Achievement - Millie Smith, Progress - Joseph Galfin, Effort - Jaden Edwards.

Subject Prizes - For each subject and year group in Years 6, 7 and 8 award two prizes - one for Achievement and one for Effort.

Chard & Ilminster News:

English - Year 6, Achievement - Emily Dugdale, Effort - Millie Brion; Year 7, Achievement - Joey Phillips, Effort - Lici Taylor; Year 8, Achievement - Scott Hooper, Effort - Nikita Hannant-Lewis. 

Maths - Year 6, Achievement - James Dicker, Effort - Lucy Pearson; Year 7, Achievement - Luke Dowling, Effort - Amy McQueen; Year 8, Achievement - Caitlin Horne, Effort - Megan Middleton-Hunt. Design

Technology - Year 6, Achievement - Holly Ward, Effort - Jake Nicholas; Year 7, Achievement - Joey Phillips, Effort - Bryony Wright; Year 8, Achievement - Ryan Jeffery, Effort - Grace Dean. 

Pupil of the Trip - Year 5, Osmington Bay - Jasmine Pierce; Year 6, Cardiff - Jake Nicholas; Year 7, Great Wood - Jessica Moody.
Spencer Watts (Senior Teacher) Award Winners 

Chard & Ilminster News:

Science - Year 6, Achievement - Holly Cook, Effort - Paloma Conde; Year 7, Achievement - Joey Phillips, Effort - Ryan Whitworth; Year 8, Achievement - Caitlin Horne, Effort - Tom Singleton.

Geography - Year 6, Achievement - Isobel Elks, Effort - Eloise Aspinall; Year 7, Achievement - Bryony Wright, Effort - Rose Kelly; Year 8, Achievement - Scott Hooper, Effort - Daisy Read.

History - Year 6, Achievement - Jake Nicholas, Effort - Emily Dugdale; Year 7, Achievement - Sophie Edmonds, Effort - George Hawker; Year 8, Achievement - Scott Hooper, Effort - Daisy Read.

French - Year 6, Achievement - Josie Brown, Effort - Becky Mundy; Year 7, Achievement - Bryony Wright, Effort - Molly Broom; Year 8, Achievement - Ryan Jeffery, Effort - Josh Wensley. 

Chard & Ilminster News:

Mark Lees (Senior Teacher) Award Winners
R.E. - Year 6, Achievement - Erin Male, Effort - Charley Jeffery; Year 7, Achievement - Katie Muntz, Effort - Amy Childs; Year 8, Achievement - Caitlin Horne, Effort - Courtney Pas. 

Art - Year 6, Achievement - Anna Sanders, Effort - Amy Hart; Year 7, Achievement - Rosie Cornelius-Light, Effort - Anja Christiansen; Year 8 Achievement - Grace Dean, Effort - Emma Rowe.

P.E. - Year 6, Achievement - Holly Ward, Effort - Zach Walters; Year 7, Achievement - Ryan Garland, Effort - Ryan Whitworth; Year 8, Achievement - Ryan Jeffery, Effort - Sophie Bond.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Performing Arts - Year 6, Achievement - Anna Sanders, Effort - Josie Gray; Year 7, Achievement - Taryn White, Effort - Ryan Garland; Year 8, Achievement - Katie Lenihan, Effort - Zak Burge

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