FLOODING in Ilminster is an issue which is not being ignored, according to county councillor Linda Vijeh.

Cllr Vijeh said she was disappointed to hear rumours that the town council does not care about the constant flooding in the town.

She said: “I am often, I believe, rightly critical of the town council, but on this occasion I find myself backing its members in full.

“Having trawled through my correspondence I note that as far back as early 2012 the town council has been very proactive in listening to residents over the issue of flooding, and gathering data to back up their case for both action and funding.

“In recent months I’ve been contacted on an almost weekly basis by the town council in relation to flood prevention measures for the town, and on my part I constantly seek action from highways.

“I know also that members of the town council have personally assisted local residents during instances of flooding.

“Until the serious situation on the Somerset Levels had been stabilised it was no comfort to Ilminster residents that county staff’s time and attention were diverted elsewhere.

“However, as of today I can confirm that at last the drains at Knott Oak, Townsend, have been jetted, and it’s expected that this will prevent further flooding in this area.

“I appreciate how frustrating it must be for those affected by flooding and will continue to work with the town council to do all I can to assist.

“The town council is not perfect, but I believe it has done its best in this instance.”