ACTIVITIES for young people in Ilminster could fold if bosses don’t get more support, they have warned this week.

Ile Youth Centre, in Frog Lane, offers services for young people between four and 18 years old.

Committee members say it is becoming harder to fund the service and fear if it stopped, it wouldleave youngsters hanging around on the streets instead.

Gordon Childs, chairman of the management committee, said it costs around £10,000-£11,500 to run the youth service each year and appealed for more volunteers.

Mr Childs said the crux of the problem was a lack of committee members to organise and run fundraising events throughout the year.

He added: “The worst case scenario is that we do not have enough money to pay the company who run the service.

“It would be a shame if it went because the children are the future of Ilminster and we have turned out some good youngsters.”

The service runs 39 weeks of the year, including two weekly sessions for younger children and activities for older children on another day of the week.

District councillor Kim Turner, who is also on the committee for the youth centre, described the facility as important for the town.

She added: “It keeps the young people off the streets – I do not want to see use loss it. We do need more people to come forward otherwise it will fold because at the moment it is a small minority of people doing the work.”

There will be an annual general meeting at the youth centre on Monday at 7.30pm where people can express their interest in supporting the service.

Get in touch with Mr Childs on 01460-54464.

It is thought non-youth services at the centre are unaffected.