PLENTY of you have been having your say on the news that New Road in Ilminster is likely to remain closed until at least Christmas.

The road was closed in mid- February amid fears it could fall down a slope when large cracks appeared in a 70-metre section.

Somerset County Council initially said it was hard to say when the road would re-open but the News now believes it could be around Christmas before barriers come down.

On JimSainsbury said: “Not sure I believe all the statements about investigations. Does anyone see engineers up there doing anything other than strolling around with yellow jackets on?”

“I am also bemused as to where the road is likely to slip as below the hedge there is only a gentle slope towards Winterhay, hardly a ravine that is going to swallow up the whole of the Beacon.”

Highwayhell added: “The problem is Somerset County Council spend all the money in Taunton and areas like South Somerset are ignored.

“What we need is a county councillor to stand up and demand some positive action and ensure people are kept informed.

“Everyone knew it could not be fixed quickly but over four months down the line and nothing yet planned is a disgrace.”

Watchkeeper 10 posted: “Clearly the council is taking this extremely seriously as whenever I have spoken to them they claim they are ‘watching it’.

“Money should not be an issue, funding is available from central government and Mike Fear [highways] has been made aware of this by David Laws [local MP].

“They may be able to repair a whole section of railway line, including a new station in Devon, and repair a large hole in North Somerset, but in South Somerset they seem incapable of getting anything done.”