PEOPLE protesting against plans to move buildings and a car park on to Britten’s Field from the Recreation Ground in Ilminster have asked town councillors why no action has been taken with their petition.

The petition, signed by 1,300 people, was handed to councillors at the start of April’s open spaces committee meeting.

Mike Skellsey challenged chair Cllr Carol Goodall on whether there were more than 1,300 people in favour of the plans.

He said: “Unless there are more than 1,300 people wanting these plans to go ahead then surely in a democratic society the decision should be the one the majority of people want.”

Cllr Carol Goodall said she and others had been spending the majority of their time working on the Local Plan and had not found time to respond to the petition.

Mayor Emma Jane Taylor said: “We’re part way through the process of the petition – we don’t have all the information yet.

“This petition is just part of the data we have to collect from both sides and as a council we’re not in a position to make a decision yet.

“Once we have the body of information we’ll be in a position to make a decision.”

In April, Save Britten’s Field spokesperson Susan Moore said they were not opposed to more children’s play area facilities or footpaths and plants, but were against the construction of permanent buildings and parking areas.