A BEAUTY spot in Ilminster 'is still a mess' according to residents.

Ross Brion, who lives close to Herne Hill, raised concerns to the town council last month but this week said it remains in a bad way.

He said: “It is now out of control - I have never seen the open spaces in such a mess.

“We should be bringing in outside contractors to sort it out otherwise this is going on and on.”

Signs have been placed on the hill telling people there is no cycling allowed and Mr Brion said more rubble had been placed at the hill, due to a future plan to build a lookout, but Mr Brion said he felt the project will never get off the ground.

The council said they have employed a worker through South Somerset District Council who is working around three to five days a week, depending on the work load, to help tackle some of the overgrown areas in the town.

One of the areas, the cemetery, which the News' ran a story on last week, was an issue raised by one member of the public, who described it as 'heartbreaking'.

Cllr Carol Goodall said the weather and a shortage in staff had been a factor in some of the areas becoming overgrown.