AN animal sanctuary in Chard were delighted after an abandoned pony gave birth to their first ever foal at the centre.

Staff from Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Wambrook recently witnessed Betty - a three-year-old coloured pony - give birth to her first “beautiful” foal, Vera.

Nikki Haddock, Head of Equine said: “We've never had a foal born here before. Vera's birth was wonderful. It was very easy and straightforward and unusually, during the day. Births like this are normally at night, when there are fewer predators around and more privacy.

“Everyone here absolutely adores Vera. She's very cheeky and already very independent. It's a joy to see that she's feeding and developing so well, is such a happy little person and starting to eat her mum's food. Betty is being a wonderful mum.”

Betty was one of a group of 15 abandoned coloured ponies and has only been a resident at the sanctuary for three months.

All the abandoned horses at Ferne are named after famous fashion designers. Mum Betty was named after Betty Jackson and baby foal Vera after Vera Wang.

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