FEATHERS have been ruffled after banners and flags celebrating the Ilminster Midsummer Experience were placed around the town.

The Experience banner and flag festival runs until Sunday, June 15, but it hasn’t gone down well with a feathery resident at Ilminster Home Hardware.

Smokey, an African Grey parrot who lives in the first floor window of the Silver Street shop, kicked up a squawk over a banner outside.

Staff there say Smokey thought the banner flapping in the wind was a predator and “went absolutely bonkers”, so they moved it down the road.

Ilminster Midsummer Experience has been running since 2008 and is established as a major tourist attraction.

There are dozens of events covering the arts, sports, exhibitions, a food and crafts show, a family dog show, a major classic car show, music, a Skatejam, a strolling Garage Sale, an Xbox event, exhibitions and much more.

This event celebrates the town’s businesses and organisations with 100 flags across the town.