SAFETY measures will be introduced at a busy junction between Kingstone and Dowlish Wake.

Plans have been agreed to narrow the width of the opening at the junction to ensure that vehicles slow down, after calls for improvements.

Better signs on the approach to the bend will warn motorists coming up to the junction.

Councillors in Ilminster held a meeting about safety concerns over the junction after several incidents along the bend.

One resident said she and others in the village sent their children to Swanmead School by bus, even though it is within walking distance, due to the unsafe speed vehicles were driven along the road, especially approaching the corner.

Ilminster county councillor Linda Vijeh, along with district councillor Sue Osborne, met highways officers and residents from Dowlish Wake and Kingstone to express their concerns.

Cllr Vijeh said: “I frequently get approached about a variety of highways problems and, despite the high demands on their time, highways officers are willing to come out and listen to the views of local residents and take action when they can.”

Cllr Vijeh also said that residents have expressed concerns about heavy vehicles, some exceeding the maximum load of 7.5 tonnes, being driven along the route.

A spokesman from Somerset County Council said: “We have been working alongside the local residents and councillors to make improvements where it is possible.”

Councillors at both Kingstone and Dowlish Wake parish councils agreed to work together to find a solution