DINERS need not worry about food hygiene standards at most of the food outlets recently inspected in the Chard and Ilminster area.

The figures, from www.ratings.food.gov.uk, highlighted results from South Somerset District Council’s food inspections and most premises faired well.

Inspectors looked at how food is prepared, the staff’s expertise, the property’s cleanliness and the management’s competence before issuing a business a food hygiene rating.

In the TA19 and TA20 postcode areas, 973 received a rating of 5 or ‘very good’, 334 a score of 4 for ‘good’ and 142 were adjudged 3 or ‘satisfactory’.

Among the top performers were schools, care homes, fast food outlets and pubs.

Eight premises required improvement and received a rating of 2 and three businesses a rating of 1.

Cllr Peter Seib, who looks after environmental health for the council, said: “I am very happy to see traders in Chard and Ilminster showing other towns the way forward on food hygiene and on quality.

“Whether you’re buying ingredients or eating out, look for the high-scoring outlets where you know food is sourced, handled and stored properly.”

In South Somerset, 1,065 premises were given a rating of 5 or ‘very good’, 337 received a score of 4 for ‘good’ and 154 adjudged were 3 or ‘satisfactory’.

Improvements were deemed necessary at 50 businesses which received a 2 or 1 grade and one business in Yeovil was given a 0 rating.