THE Prime Minister visited Somerset again today to see the start of the dredging operations at Burrowbridge.

Mr Cameron also went to see residents in Moorland to see what impact the flooding has had on people who have only just moved back into their homes.

Mr Cameron said: “I wanted to come here today to see for myself that dredging had started and hear more about the impact that will have. It will increase river capacity by 30 to 40% and make a real difference.

“There's been a change of culture and people are now more in favour of dredging. The Environment Agency were turning away from dredging because it was thought to be harmful to the environment, but I've said that was wrong to think it's not environmentally sound to dredge.”

A reception will be held at Downing Street to recognise some of the people who have gone above and beyond to help others in the wake of the floods.

Mr Cameron said: “There are too many people to thank at Downing Street and I would welcome local MPs doing what they can to ensure volunteers are recognised in the honour system.”

He once again said his previous statement that “money is no object” referred to the emergency phase.

He added: “We have the Belwin scheme to reimburse councils, which will see tens of millions being paid out. People can also apply for grants through the council of £5,000 towards protecting against the floods.”

The PM also met with local MPs and Sedgemoor councillors to hear the details of the 20 year plan for management of the rivers and flood prevention.