ROADS in Chard and Ilminster should receive some of Somerset County Council’s £12.3million pothole cash fund, according to drivers in the area.

The council was given the money by the Government to help fix some of our weather-beaten roads after the wettest winter on record.

Funds will help to rebuild roads in some of the worst hit areas and fill in the thousands of potholes.

The News put an appeal out on Facebook, asking people to name them worst roads for potholes across the area.

The A358 between Donyatt and Chard proved to be one of the most notorious hotspots with large chunks of Tarmac missing on both sides of the road.

Readers also described parts of Crimchard as “a cart track” with the road surface wearing thin in places.

Cllr Jill Shortland (LibDem), who represents Chard South, hopes the council will tell people specifically which potholes will be fixed and when.

She said: “We have real problems on our streets in Chard and Tatworth around Bub-with Road, but unless they’re reported they don’t get fixed.

“This money’s helping the council be more proactive.”

Cllr Nigel Pearson (Independent), of Chard North, said: “Trying to pin down an area where money should be spent is very difficult because a lot of Tarmac needs work.

“I’d hope Chard and Ilminster get their fair share of the money – it’s no worse than anywhere else, but there are definitely a lot of potholes that need fixing. “

Cllr Linda Vijeh, who represents Ilminster, said: “The county council is doing everything it can to address potholes, but the work had to stop while they were dealing with the floods.

“It’s expected that work will now start again fixing local potholes.”

County council leader John Osman welcomed the funding and said County Hall was looking at exactly what needs to be done to make sure the money goes where it is most needed.

THE News asked people whether they think Chard and Ilminster’s roads will get a share of the pothole cash pot.

Roger Carter, of Chard, said: “They should, yes. I’ve seen potholes with white paint round them for six months and they should just fill them in.”

David Harrup, of Barrington, said: “The roads are dreadful. There are massive holes and the council should sort them out.”

Richard Dellow, of Donyatt, said: “I drive a motorbike, so I know the roads could be better. There are definitely potholes about.”