LOVERS in Chard and Ilminster could be among hundreds of others across the South-West who let technology get in the way of their sex lives.

According to a poll by Durex last month, people across the South-West did the following:

  • One in ten have answered the phone or read a text during sex.
  • Three per cent have even checked Facebook during sex.
  • Nearly a quarter think technology gets in the way of their sex life.
  • Almost a third believe that tech is adversely affecting their relationship.
  • Over half spend more time using technology in bed than having sex. 

It also seems that our infatuation with the world of tech could be damaging our relationships in the real world as 20% of people in the South-West said that their partner had been distracted by some sort of tech device whilst they were getting intimate.

Another 20% said technology got in the way of their sex life and 32% agreed or strongly agreed that it has a negative effect on their relationship.

More than half of people surveyed also admitted that they actually spend more time using technology while in bed with their partner than actually having sex.

Sex and relationship expert Susan Quilliam said: "Many people find love through dating websites or social media - but it's a worrying trend that many are also feeling gradually ousted in their relationships in favour of interaction online.

“There is, of course, a great place for technology in our lives but habitual use and reliance on our gadgets can lead to bad habits in relationships. Durex’s film is a great reminder that we need to take time out to get up close and intimate with our lovers, and reconnect with their needs face-to-face.”

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