A VISION for the future of Chard School has been revealed by a group of parents who managed to save the building from closure.

Staff, parents and children were told in December last year a lack of money could cause its closure by the Easter holidays, but a group of parents rallied round to prevent it from shutting, and they were jumping for joy earlier this month when the former governors handed over the reins to a new board of governors chaired by Lindsay Rossiter.

Lindsay and her team have revealed their vision for the future of school, which says every child is respected and valued, and they strive to provide a caring, supportive environment, and to ensure that children receive a rich, inspiring and engaging education.

The vision adds: “We endeavour to nurture creativity and curiosity to develop a passion for learning, to enable each child to become a lifelong learner – confident, motivated and independent with high expectations of themselves.”

There are currently 94 children at the £1,800-a-term school with an average class size of ten to 12.

The school’s motto is ‘Uniti Vireamus (United We Thrive)’, and Lindsay told the News she would like staff, parents, children and the community to share their thoughts on the school’s future.

She said: “We want people to help us with their ideas so we can incorporate them into a living document and show that the school has a vision for its’ new chapter to take them forward.

“Since we found out the school was saved it’s going really well and we’re all guns blazing to make it into a successful school.

“We’re absolutely determined of that.”