CRIME rates in one area of Chard doubled while offences in Crewkerne were slashed in half, according to the latest figures from the police national crime database.

Monthly figures published on show the number of crimes in each of the six wards which Chard is made up of, along with wards covering Ilminster and Crewkerne, and a brief summary of each crime category.

The latest figures are from January this year, and people can also find out how many crimes took place on their street each month, dating back to December, 2010.

The Chard Crimchard ward saw the most marked increase with 26 crimes ranging from anti-social behaviour to public order and vehicle crime, compared to just 12 crimes in January last year, eight in the same month in 2012 and 14 in 2011.

But Insp Tim Coombe, who covers South Somerset, said the figures did not match their own records.

He said: “According to our figures there were only 11 crimes recorded.

“Some are reported as crimes which turn out not to be, or a number of anti-social behaviour incidents aren’t necessarily crimes.

“There are two areas which have seen an increase in reality, and the first is a spate of thefts from insecure vehicles overnight over a four-five day period.

“The second is a number of different offences linked to an individual and incidents in Coker Way, Chard.

“This has been managed robustly with partners, but is still in the process of being resolved fully.”

Chard’s most well-behaved ward was Blackdown Chard, which only experienced five crimes, while the ward named Chard Coombe saw the highest number of crimes with 43 incidents.

Ilminster noticed a slight rise in incidents as 40 crimes kept officers busy throughout January, compared to 31 during the same period last year.

In Crewkerne, officers dealt with 36 crimes – half as many offences as were committed in January in the past two years.

The News will continue to run monthly figures on crime rates in your area and February’s figures will be published when they are made available.

Insp Coombe said Crewkerne’s drop in crime is down to a number of individuals who have since been imprisoned or have moved away from the area.

Chard & Ilminster News:

A breakdown of which areas are covered by each ward.

1. Blackdown Chard
5 crimes – 2 violence and sexual offences, 1 burglary, 1 vehicle crime, 1 shoplifting
Compares to 2 crimes in January 2013, 6 in January 2012, and 2 in January 2011. 

2. Chard Avishayes
13 crimes – 3 criminal damage and arson, 3 violence and sexual offences, 2 anti-social behaviour, 2 burglary, 1 other crime, 1 other theft, 1 vehicle crime.
Compares to 16 crimes in January 2013, 22 in January 2012, and 5 in January 2011.

3. Chard Coombe
43 crimes – 13 anti-social behaviour, 7 criminal damage and arson, 7 violence and sexual offences, 7 shoplifting, 3 vehicle crime, 2 burglary, 2 public order, 1 other crime, 1 possession of a weapon.
Compares to 36 in January 2013, 29 in January 2012, and 41 in January 2011.

4. Chard Crimchard
26 crimes – 9 anti-social behaviour, 5 vehicle crime, 4 violent and sexual offences, 3 public order, 2 burglary, 2 criminal damage and arson, 1 other crime.
Compares to 12 in January 2013, 8 in January 2012, 14 in January 2011.

5. Chard Holyrood
19 crimes – 8 anti-social behaviour, 6 violent and sexual offences, 1 burglary, 1 criminal damage and arson, 1 drugs, 1 shoplifting, 1 vehicle crime.
Compares to 23 in January 2013, 34 in January 2012, and 30 in January 2011.

6. Chard Jocelyn
7 crimes – 4 anti-social behaviour, 2 criminal damage and arson, 1 violence and sex offences. Compares to 10 in January 2013, 9 in January 2012, and 10 in January 2011.

7. Ilminster
40 crimes – 11 anti-social behaviour, 8 burglary, 5 criminal damage and arson, 4 other theft, 4 violence and sexual offences, 3 shoplifting, 3 vehicle crime, 2 public order.
Compares to 31 in January 2013, 27 in January 2012, and 34 in January 2011.

8. Crewkerne
36 crimes – 13 anti-social behaviour, 7 burglary, 6 violence and sexual offences, 4 criminal damage and arson, 3 other theft, 2 public order, 1 shoplifting.
Compares to 73 in January 2013, 73 in January 2012, and 64 in January 2011.