A FAMILY has thanked everyone who played a part in the return of their father’s memorial pot, which disappeared from a Chard cemetery.

Council workers found the stone pot, which was inscribed with Michael Phillips’ name and ‘RIP’ after his death in 1980, at the cemetery in Zembard Lane earlier this week.

Last week, The News told of the heartbreak suffered by Mr Phillips’ family when they realised the pot had gone, but they are delighted there is now a happy ending.

His daughter, Sharron Phillips, said: “I had a call from Terry Powell at Chard Town Council, who said he had some good news.

“I thought maybe they had found it but it was broken, but it’s intact, which is brilliant.

“He said it was found about 300 metres from Dad’s grave, under a bench, so obviously someone has listened to their guilty conscience.

“We are absolutely chuffed; we can put it back and we are going to ask if it can be concreted in to stop this happening again.

“The response we have had has been overwhelming and we really appreciate everything everyone has done to help us, including PCSO Ben Samways, the council and the paper.

“Someone has obviously read the article and felt guilty for how they made our family feel.

“We are over the moon that our dad’s grave will be marked again, as it should be.”

Chard Town Council operations manager Terry Powell said the power of the press seemed to have made someone think about their actions.

He said: “When things go missing, it is always nice when you find them again. I hope this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.”