ESSEX party king Mark Wright heads to Maunsel House, in North Newton, for episode three of his latest series, Party Wright Around The World.

The TV show features Wright travelling the globe in search of new surroundings and social groups, before throwing them the party of a lifetime.

Next week’s episode sees Maunsel’s owner Sir Benjamin Slade enlisting Wright’s services to host posh a party for his godson, Arthur.

Wright has just a week to get accustomed to his new surroundings and the baronet's way of life before attempting to throw an unforgettable party.

He quickly ditches the Essex lingo and trades in his flash designer wear for tweed jackets and jodhpurs as he sets about mastering country pursuits such as horse riding and croquet.

There’s also the small matter of the house being haunted, which leaves Mark a little unnerved in his new upper class environment.

Can he conquer his fears and put on the social event of the season?

Find out when the episode goes out on ITV2 at 9pm next Wednesday, March 12.