A WRITER from Wambrook has released a book which would not have been possible without the News archives.

Marjie Dorling held a launch for her book – Bewley Down Flower Show, 1914-1939 – on Friday at the Cotley Inn in the village.

The first show near Chardstock was held shortly before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 and the second was held as a victory show in 1919, after which it grew to become the largest flower show in the area.

The show committee’s minute book, combined with notices and reports in the Chard and Ilminster News, forms the basis of Marjie’s book.

She said: “I simply couldn’t have written this history without access to the Chard and Ilminster News archives and the wealth of information they contain.

“With the exception of the first show in 1914, the show was held during the interwar years (1919-39) and, as such, provides an insight into local rural life at that time.”

All proceeds from book sales will be given to the show’s direct descendent, the Wambrook Flower Show, in celebration of 100 years of flower shows in the parish.