PEDESTRIANS have been forced to negotiate the busy Crimchard road with difficulty for almost two weeks because a fallen tree is still blocking the pavement.

The tree came down just to the north of the Glynswood estate turning during a storm on February 14, when it was cleared from the road.

But its large branches are still making the pavement impassable and resident David Gummer says this has caused serious problems, particularly for elderly and disabled people.

He has tried to get the remainder of the tree cleared but no-one seems to be taking responsibility for it.

Mr Gummer, 63, said: “The branches were cut from the road and left on the pavement.

“I got in touch with Chard Town Council but they said it wasn’t up to them, and I called highways twice last week but they said it was the responsibility of whoever owns the bank behind it.

“The upshot is that the tree is still there and is really causing problems. I had to help an elderly lady who fell over when she got caught on a branch, people in wheelchairs are having to go into the road to get round it – it’s just not right.

“My main concern is for the safety of older and disabled people who are having to go into what is quite a fast bit of road.

“It could all be gone within an hour if someone came up with a chipper. Someone needs to take notice and do something about this.”

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “We are in the process of making contact with the landowner to make sure the tree is moved as soon as possible.”