A CONCERNED Chard woman has done her bit to help flooding victims.

Sue Symes has put a full card of Tesco savings stamps worth £49 on eBay in a bid to raise some extra cash for people in need.

Four bidders have already pushed the price up to £56, but she is hopeful the final total could be higher than that.

Sue said: “There are a lot of people watching it and a lot of people who have viewed it, so I think it could go for a lot more than what it is worth.

“It’s heart-wrenching to see what the people on the Levels are going through, because you feel so helpless.

“We are some of the lucky people, so I just wanted to do something – however small – to help them. It’s only a little thing, but every penny helps.”

To find the item, visit www.ebay.co.uk and search for ‘Tesco savings stamps’.