A COUPLE are hoping to set up a group for people from other cultures in Chard.

David and Pauline Laughton said the multi-national group would help people in South Somerset welcome people from other ethnic groups.

The idea came from when the couple lived in France and they hope to replicate a similarly successful group now they are back living in Chard.

David said: “When we were living in France, an elderly gentleman knocked on our door and said he thought there should be a group to learn about each other’s cultures.

“He said he was too old, so we were interested and set it up, and it went from there.”

The group is not a language school and involves monthly meetings with quiz nights, cooking clubs, trips out and discussions about cultures.

The couple hope to initially target Polish and Portuguese people in the Chard area but say other nationalities are more than welcome.

David said: “There is nothing similar to this sort of thing in the area and we can learn from each other in all sorts of areas.

“I reckon there are 600 Polish and 100 Portuguese to start with, so that could make up 10% of Chard’s population.

“The group does not exclude any ethnic minorities – I just like to improve my understanding of other cultures.”

The couple have put up a few posters around town and received the backing of Mayor Jenny Kenton.

Anyone interested in taking part or in helping to set the group up can call David and Pauline on 01460-239539.