A TALENTED youngster has completed a book which was a year in the making.

Fifteen is not Alice Beresford’s first writing venture, but she feels it is her most polished final piece.

The Holyrood Academy student’s book is set in the future in World War Four, and follows a group of children trying to seek refuge at Land’s End.

Alice, 14, said: “I’ve been writing since I was young, and I’ve always enjoyed English and the creative aspects of school.

“I tend to jot ideas down, put them all together and see how it works out.

“This book has taken me about a year on and off.

“It’s the only one which has been bound – my mum and dad printed a copy for me.

“I’m very pleased with it and I’ve just started the sequel.

“My family think it’s really good.

“My grandma was the first to read it after my mum proof-read it, and she said it really captured how it feels during a war, which she talks about to me now and again.”

Holyrood head teacher Martin Brook said: “I think to write a story of that length at Alice’s age is a fantastic achievement.”