WINTER opening hours are in operation at Ferne Animal Sanctuary.

The centre now opens at 10am instead of 9am and closes at 5pm.

They have also launched a new annual visitor pass, which means the cost of a visit for an adult is £2 a year, £1 for children aged three to 16 and £5 for a family of up to two adults and three children.

Suzie Beament, acting fundraising and marketing manager, said: “The visitor pass will help to ensure that money donated to the animals cared for at the sanctuary need not be spent on maintenance or repair of publicly used facilities.

“Sadly donations made in the boxes located on the sanctuary have halved over the past few years; we greatly hope that this small charge to our visitors will encourage supporters to come and enjoy the sanctuary again and again in the knowledge that their contribution goes towards supporting a local charitable cause.

“Please come to reception on your next visit to Ferne Animal Sanctuary to be issued with your visitor pass and again to get a stamp each time you visit to qualify for the grand prize draw.”

Group passes are also available on request and separate charges apply for special event days.

People and companies visiting on sanctuary business will not be required to pay admission.