A CHARITY which has raised almost £35,000 since it was formed 20 years ago has made its latest donation to a doctors’ surgery in Chard.

The Friends of Essex House Medical Centre has bought everything from defibrillators to fridges and waiting room chairs to disposable curtains by raising money at events.

Other donations, including bequests left in memory of loved ones, help boost the group’s fundraising efforts.

The most recent equipment bought the group has bought are three couches and curtains to surround them, costing more than £2,000 altogether.

Secretary Rose Kneil said: “Our successful fundraising could not have happened without the kind people who helped, by either serving on the committee or giving donations.”

Numbers dropped in 2009 and 2010 but the group is growing in earnest again.

Anyone who would like to become a member should call chairman Ed Holman on 01460-261230 or Rose Kneil on 01460-65374.