FRUSTRATION is growing over the time it is taking to replace a popular footbridge in Broadway.

The footbridge, which was destroyed in the floods of 2008, runs over the River Ding, adjacent to the sewage works.

Cllr Linda Vijeh, Broadway’s South Somerset District Council representative, is appealing to Somerset County Council to replace the missing bridge sooner rather than later.

She also said residents were initially told it would be replaced within five years of the floods.

She added: “People have now been told it will be another five years before the repairs are carried out.

“There is considerable concern that this is continually being put on the back shelf.

“Residents find this unacceptable, and I am inclined to agree.”

The route was used by dog walkers and residents but a restoration of the ten-metre bridge would cost around £7,000.

After emails were sent to the County Council, Rachel Pearce, Rights of Way Warden for Bridges, said missing bridges were low priority due to limited funding.

In an email response to councillors, she said: “The maintenance and replacement of all bridges on rights of way has to be planned and prioritised on a safety basis and as missing bridges are not normally considered to pose a high risk to public safety they are classed as low priority.

“There are also a number of other missing bridges and if funding were to become available to replace these they would have to be done in order of being reported.

“While I understand the situation is very frustrating for the local community, there are a number of other alternative routes in the immediate vicinity for them to use.”