IT definitely wasn’t a case of ‘no likey, no lighty’ when a Slimming World consultant from Chard met comedian and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness at an awards ceremony.

Jennifer Curtis, who runs a Slimming World group at Chard’s Guildhall every Tuesday and the George Reynolds Centre in Crewkerne every Monday, was delighted to see Paddy when he co-hosted the Slimming World Awards with the organisation’s founder, Margaret Miles-Bramwell.

Jennifer said meeting Paddy at the event at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre was the cherry on the top of a great year for the Chard Slimming World group.

“Obviously, the most important thing of all is that the group members have lost weight and improved their health throughout 2013,” said Jennifer.

“I’m so proud of all of my members – many of them have achieved their target weights and been able do things they never thought possible before slimming down, including doing more with their families, taking up new hobbies, reducing medication or simply fitting into smaller-sized clothes.

“They’re helping their entire family to eat more healthily, too.

“As well as seeing stonking success on the scales we’ve had a lot of fun throughout the year.

“We’ve held parties in the group and raised money for charity, and members have cheered each other on with every step of their weight loss journey.

“I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for the Chard Slimming World group and I’d love anyone who’s thinking about losing weight this January to join us.”

Paddy, known for his ‘no likey, no lighty’ catchphrase on ITV1’s Take Me Out show, said: “I have to admit the most I knew about Slimming World before the awards was a gag in Peter Kay’s routine that refers to Slimming World as being a pound cheaper than its competitors!

“Jokes aside, I met lots of people at the ceremony who’d lost incredible amounts of weight and it had totally changed their lives.

“Before I started working in comedy I was a fitness instructor, so I know how important it is to look after yourself, but equally I know it’s not always easy to motivate yourself.

“Having the help and support of someone like Jennifer to keep you on track and be there with advice is invaluable.”

For more details, call Jennifer on 01460-61786 or visit