CHARD CAMERA CLUB held its latest competition on June 20 and the judge was Chaz Madge, of Cullompton.

Results: Special subject prints (colour theme – Yellow): 1 Dave Blay (Lemons); 2 Dick Moon (Spring Afoot); 3 Gail Purdon (Yellow Pepper).

Open prints: 1 Dick Moon (White Faced Scops Owl); 2 Peter O’Shea (Beer); 3 Dave Blay (Marbles).

Special subject DPIs: 1 Malcolm Brocklehurst (Deserted); 2 Peter O’Shea (Old Riley); 3 Malcolm Brocklehurst (Bad Summer).

Open DPIs: 1 Malcolm Brocklehurst (Gone Potty); 2 Gail Purdon (Tourist); 3 Norah O’Shea (Hawthorn Shield Bug).

All winning prints will be on display at Chard Library. The next competition is on September 19 when the subject is Bottom Half.

New members are always welcome and more information is available from membership secretary Peter Partridge on |01460-66885.