THE newly-opened 3D Sensory Centre is determined to do all it can to help families with children with autism and other complex needs.

The 3D Centre, which opened in September last year, aims to broaden horizons through support, information, training and play.

Education manager Rachel Syrett said: “We have already established free, regular Monday coffee mornings where parents and carers can come with their children and use the Sensory room and soft play area. We have also asked occasional guest speakers to come and talk about topics of interest such as the importance of nutrition and these and other training events have been well attended.”

Rachel and staff were meeting with parents and carers last week to discuss how funding from the Doreen Collins Trust should be spent.

“The Doreen Collins Trust funding we have received can be used for extending a range of activities such as events, training seminars, more guest speakers and equipment,” she said.

Among recent visitors to the centre has been Yeovil MP David Laws who took great interest in the work and support being offered.

Anyone wanting more information about the 3D Centre can contact Rachel o 01460-25611 or email .