UP to 50 homes could be built near Churchinford after a U-turn by planners.

Ford Farm, just south of Churchinford, had been ruled out as a potential housing site on the basis a development would be out of scale with the existing village and could have a negative impact on the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Now the village has been designated as a Minor Rural Centre in Taunton Deane Council’s Core Strategy, which details growth plans. That means up to 50 new homes could be built in the area.

A consultation meeting will be held at Churchinford Village Hall on February 11 from 3.30pm-7.30pm to tell people about plans for new local developments and seek opinion.

Debbie Rundle, Taunton Deane Council spokesman, said: “The consultation is the first stage of the process – the council is looking at the options for growth, not at this stage making any decisions, other than that the minor rural centres will accommodate some growth over the plan period to 2028.”